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China SCE Commercial Management Co.,Ltd

China SCE Commercial Management Co.,Ltd , a wholly-owned subsidiary of China SCE Group, owns four product lines including shopping mall, themed street, office building and culture, tourism and sports. It is committed to exploring and developing high-quality living space, providing urban living space for office, shopping, leisure and entertainment for those who pursue quality life, and creating a new concept of consumer life with innovative business ideas. The project has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Shishi, Nan'an and other cities, and will continue to maintain a steady pace of national strategic expansion in the future.

  • Integrated public commerce. Most of the projects under this product line are located in regional or urban shopping centers, aiming at providing customers with one-stop shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment and other business complexes. Product line - "FUN WORLD".

    Shopping Mall

  • Subject-based precision business. The projects under this product line are mostly set as a complete set of complex and are set as open commercial blocks with specific themes according to their own positioning, aiming at creating a more open and free way of life and consumption. Product line - "GALA FUN".

    Themed Street

  • High-end business office. The projects under this product line are mostly positioned as benchmarking business coordinates in the region and even in the city, facing the needs of enterprises, and providing efficient urban office space for them. Product line - "SCE Plaza" and " SCE Building ".

    Office Building

  • Humanistic and leisure function. The projects under this product line are mostly located at the city landmarks or regional symbol-level products with specific leisure functions. They are geared to the needs of the public and society and provide functional facilities and services in the form of fitness, leisure, culture and vacation. Representative project - Quanzhou Haixia Sports Center.

    Culture, Sports and Tourism

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