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The first class of "China SCE Yangfan Class" was officially commenced, helping 50 rural children to upgrade their schooling conditions

On 2 March 2023, “China SCE Yangfan Class 2022”has officially launched in Zhijiang No. 3 Middle School in Huaihua City, Hunan Province.  Ms. Tang Xiaojuan, Vice President of China SCE, representative of Sina Yangfan Charity Foundation under China Siyuan Foundation, volunteers of China SCE, together with Hunan Provincial Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association(民建湖南省委会), Democratic National Construction Huaihua Municipal Committee(民建怀化市委会), China Communist Party Huaihua Municipal Committee United Work Front Department(中共怀化市委统战部)and Zhijiang County and other leaders at all levels, as well as the teachers and students of Zhijiang No. 3 Middle School, participated in the launch ceremony.

During the summer holiday in 2022, with the support of the local government and education department, China SCE cooperated with schools and public welfare organisations to make visits in remote mountain areas, looking for those impoverished children from outlying villages in primary school to junior high school with excellent grades. The 50 outstanding candidates was admitted to “China SCE Yangfan Class” in 1 September 2022.  However, due to the pandemic, the opening ceremony, which should have been held as scheduled, was finally organized in the blossoming Spring.

China SCE Yangfan Class is led by outstanding teacher group, consists of key and discipline leaders. The tuition and living expenses of all students in the three years of junior high school will be subsidized by China SCE Group and the school will coordinate the distribution and management of these expenses. Through the upgrading of educational resources and subsidies for study and life, these outstanding students in rural areas will be provided with a new, high-quality “home” for learning and growth during the three years of junior high school, which is a critical growth node.

In the final exam of the first semester, all members of the China SCE Yangfan class secured their position among the top in the school.  

“China SCE Library” in Zhijiang No. 3 Middle School, which is donated by China SCE Group,  has also been launched during this ceremony. As a rural student aid charity project that China SCE has been practicing since its early years, it originated from the ten-year public welfare agreement jointly established by China SCE Group and China Siyuan Foundation- Sina Yangfan Charity Foundation in 2017. In the past 6 years, this public welfare project undertaking has covered 28 provinces and more than 2,000 schools, with donation of more than 340,000 new books, which benefited more than 600,000 teachers and students, and gradually formed China SCE’s rural education public welfare brand “Read over the World”.

In addition to the "China SCE Yangfan Class", which removes the thorns and obstacles on the road of pursuing studies for rural children, and the "China SCE Library", which raises hope for children in remote areas, the brand also develops and introduces high-quality resources from various sectors, and organizes a series of activities, such as " A Class with Xiaojunjun" and "SCE Study Tours".

In the future, China SCE will also commit to the philosophy of charity “Sharing a better future”. By gathering with little bit goodwill and action, as well as continue to fulfill the social responsibilities of corporate citizens and practice the development concept of common prosperity, and become one of the forces that promotes social improvement and goodness.