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China SCE Group remitted funds to trustee for USD bonds due in March in advance. No other USD bonds due within a year.

An announcement was made to the public by China SCE Group (1966.HK) on February 28, in relation to the remitment of the outstanding principal amount and the accrued interest as of the maturity date made by the Company to the trustee for the 2022 USD bonds in order to repay such amounts on the maturity date. The 2022 USD bonds were due on March 10, 2022, and 5.875% senior notes in the aggregate principal amount of US$500 million were issued. Therefore, together with the previous announcements issued by China SCE Group in relation to the gradual repurchase and cancellation of such USD bonds in the public market, the repayment amount for such USD bonds has been fully prepared. There is not any USD bond due within a year held by China SCE Group.