Detailed report on China SCE Group’s Annual Report 2021: Revenue soared to RMB37.7 billion! Strengthening strategic contract, building invincible moat

China SCE Group released its 2021 annual results report on March 30, The report showed that China SCE Group recorded contracted sales of RMB104.5 billion, revenue of RMB37.7 billion, gross profit of RMB8.2 billion, gross profit margin of 21.7%, profit for the year RMB3.7 billion, core profit attributable of RMB3.1 billion and sold but not yet transferred amount of RMB110.0 billion, maintaining a trend of solid growth.

Meanwhile, China SCE Group attached great importance to shareholders’ interests, with a dividend of HK$18 cents per share and an aggregate dividend of RMB4.6 billion in 2021; dividend yield of 13.7% with a year-on-year increase of 5.2 percentage points, and return on equity of 14.4%.

In March this year, the Financial Stability Development Committee of the State Council clearly stated that real estate enterprises should transform to a new development model. China SCE Group actively responds to the policy direction of “new trend of future real estate enterprises”, adheres to the strategy of“Primary business supplemented by synergic business activities””, strengthens strategic contracts, builds an invincible moat, expands differentiated competitiveness and continues to achieve synergy.