SCE Strategy

In 2017, China SCE Group formulated the development strategy of "Primary business supplemented by synergic business activities " based on the urbanization process, future development pattern of the real estate industry and domestic market with consumption upgrade in China.

In response to the development in the scale and challenges of industry competitions, "hundreds-of-billions level strategy" was formulated in respect of residential development. The Group continues to expand the development of housing scale as "Primary business" and step up the scale of sales into hundreds-of-billions level; to create the "FUN+ Happy Life" ecosystem with a strategy targeting the transformation and coordinated development from the new retail shopping mall of FUNWORLD together with FUNLIVE rental apartments as “synergic business activities”, in order to initiate our second business growth.

At the same time, China SCE Group explored new business areas such as education and health management. With iFUN Intelligent Internet-of-Things platform and driven by technology, the Group is committed to becoming an outstanding leader of a better life!