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China SCE Group successfully issued 1.5 billion medium-term notes, fully guaranteed by China Bond Insurance Corporation

On January 18, China SCE Group successfully issued the First Tranche of the 2023 Medium-term Notes with a size of RMB1.5 billion, a term of 3 years, and an issue rate of 4.1%, with full unconditional irrevocable joint liability guarantee from China Bond Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CBIC").

With the successful issuance of the Medium-term Notes, China SCE Group has become one of the first private real estate enterprises to receive the support of "CBIC" to successfully issue bonds in 2023, fully reflecting the recognition of the regulators and the market for the steady development of China SCE Group.

During the overall industry downturn cycle in 2022, China SCE Group still maintained a good trend of steady development and continued to improve its debt structure through prudent financial management, repaying domestic and overseas public debts of over RMB11 billion in 2022, and kept a record of "zero default". At the same time, the Group insisted on high-quality sales, and its benchmark projects in first and second-tier cities, including Hangzhou SCE Dinghu Woven City, Beijing SCE Jinhui Woven City, Hefei SCE Funworld,etc., showed outstanding sales performance.2022 will see a total of nearly 50,000 units of houses presented by China SCE Group.

In the future, real estate enterprises with stable operations and good finance will receive further policy support. Recently, China SCE Group has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Minsheng Bank Headquarter, ICBC Shanghai Branch and many other banks, and has obtained a total credit of over RMB43 billion.