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China SCE Group ranked top 15 in China's domestic housing stocks ROE and net profit margin in 2018

On 11 April 2019, the list of “Top 50 Enterprises in terms of Net Profit Margins of Domestic Housing Stocks in China in 2018” was released. China SCE Group ranked 15th with a net profit margin of 20.57%. Among the large-scale housing enterprises with annual sales of more than 50 billion, China SCE Group ranked fifth following China Shipping, China Resources and other enterprises in this list. It is noteworthy that China SCE Group also ranked 15th in the ROE list of domestic housing stocks. Under the situation of approaching ceilings and shrinking incremental space of current stock market, net profit margin has become the core index reflecting the operational efficiency of enterprises. The highly competitive ranking of China SCE Group has further demonstrated its ultra-strong  operational capability.